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A new mindset for 2023

"New year, new me". If this resonates in you, you are surely part of those who make resolutions during the last days of December.

However, many of us feel guilty a few days later because no, we didn't manage to go to the gym every other day, to banish sugar from our diet in five days or to save half of our salary of January!

In 2023, we suggest you slow down the pace and focus on yourself with 3 goals.

✨ Celebrate every moment of your life

No matter how big or small, take time to celebrate the important moments throughout the year. These moments can be anything from a professional accomplishment, to a calendar event or to the achievement of one of your personal goals.

Beyond the joy brought by the celebrations, they allow you to emphasize the path taken and the efforts accomplished. They are also a way to gather, share experiences and create lasting memories with loved ones, whether they be friends, family or colleagues.

Planning a celebration can also be fun and boost your creativity. For example, you may discover that you enjoy table art, creating appetizer boards or making decorations.

✨ Focus on the essentials

In a world where everything is moving faster and faster, learning to manage your time better will be your greatest asset. Things will tend to get away from you less and you will have a better perspective on what needs to be accomplished.

Whether it is on a professional or personal level, the Eisenhower Matrix is a powerful and easy to implement tool. This matrix will help you to better determine your priorities and focus on the essentials by quantifying two parameters of your task: urgency and importance. The matrix is divided into four quadrants:

  • important and urgent tasks (first quadrant) are to be treated as a priority

  • important but non-urgent tasks (second quadrant) must be planned in the future

  • non-important but urgent tasks (third quadrant) can be delegated to other people

  • non-important and non-urgent tasks (fourth quadrant) should be abandoned

In order to optimize its use, it is essential to know the difference between the notion of importance and urgency. Indeed, where an urgent task cannot be postponed to a later date, the implementation of an important task does not necessarily have to be immediate. Furthermore, the important task is distinguished by its essential nature or, conversely, the negative consequences that may result from not completing it.

✨ Create your vision board

At Drink A Flower, we think the vision board is an incredible ally for 2023. It will make it easier for you to bring your goals to life.

The vision board can be defined as a creative board, grouping inspirational images, quotes and keywords, related to the goals you care about. It is presented in the form of a collage.

This tool is based on a logic similar to that of positive visualization. Indeed, visualizing your goals in a positive way will help you to achieve them.

How to create a vision board ?

  1. Choose a goal that is important to you. You can also decide to focus on several projects but be careful not to get lost.

  2. Visualize your goal. What are the key steps you will need to take before it is achieved?

  3. Look for images, quotes and keywords related to your goal that evoke emotion in you. Quick tip: the Pinterest app is full of more inspiring content than any other.

  4. Print, cut and paste your content on the medium of your choice (cork board, painting canvas, poster,...).

  5. Post it in a place where you will see it every day.

  6. Use your vision board efficiently. Looking at it out of the corner of your eye won't be enough, you have to give it a few minutes regularly. Concentrate on it and feel the emotions that are linked to it.

  7. Make your dreams come true and... keep us posted!

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