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Boost your mineral tour : our 5 best tips

Remember? We promised to be your biggest supporter... Today, for those of you who need a little boost, we're sharing our tips for a successful mineral tour.

1. Change your habits

It's not always easy to resist alcohol when it has become part of our daily lives. If habits are tenacious, they are not fixed.

Take the opportunity that the month of February offers to create new habits. For example, if every Thursday night you used to go to that restaurant on the corner of your street with your best friend and have the same three glasses of wine, try to break this routine.

Suggest that you meet up for lunch instead and change the address. This way, you will be less tempted.

2. (Re)discover the taste of non-alcoholic beverages

"Not drinking alcohol" does not mean not having fun. Just because you no longer drink doesn't mean you have to turn down every invitation from your friends.

Attending your company's afterwork party, going to a restaurant with your significant other or even going out with your loved ones doesn't have to involve drinking alcoholic beverages.

Take advantage of the mineral tour to discover new flavors: lemonades, infusions, fruit juices, non-alcoholic spirits,... the alternatives are numerous and you will quickly realize that alcohol is only one option among many others. We make it easy for you, here are our three favorite drinks:

3. Take note of the positive changes

Sleep like a baby? Bella Hadid-like skin? Energy to spare? In a small notebook, write down all the positive changes you notice. You are your own biggest inspiration!

4. Reward yourself

As we told you earlier in our 2023 mindset article, celebrate your wins, even the small ones! You went to that cocktail party with colleagues without drinking a single drop of alcohol?

There's no better reason than to celebrate. Your favorite bakery, a shopping spree, a Netflix & Popcorn night, a candlelight bath,...: all ideas are good to treat yourself.

5. If you feel the need, talk about it

The goal of the mineral tour is to be able to become aware of your alcohol consumption. If this seems like an insurmountable challenge, or if you realize that not drinking alcohol for three days is much harder than you thought, find all the resources you need on the Mineral Tour website.

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