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The Mineral Tour : challenge accepted ?

Updated: Feb 7

If you missed the Dry January, this is your second chance! Like every year, February 1st marks the beginning of the traditional Mineral Tour. The goal? Not to drink a single drop of alcohol during the entire month of February!

The campaign, first launched in 2017 by the Cancer Foundation, is now in the hands of VAD/De Druglijn (Flanders) and Univers Sante (Wallonia-Brussels). Since its launch, the challenge has continued to grow: last year nearly 2 million Belgians took part!

But why participate?

There are many reasons! The goal of this challenge is to become aware of one's alcohol consumption, and especially to try to reduce it in the long term.

Although giving up alcohol can sometimes be difficult, the benefits are numerous: a better sleep, a more beautiful skin or an increase in energy. In short... the best of yourself!

According to the UGent, no less than 9 out of 10 participants in the previous Mineral Tour experienced these beneficial effects. Moreover, not drinking alcohol helps to save money. The average Belgian spends €565 on alcohol per year. A significant amount of money that could be put to many other uses.

Want to take the challenge even further?

Dedicate this month of February to yourself and your health, encourage sports activities and let your creativity express itself, in particular by making mocktails (mix of non-alcoholic drinks).

To make this challenge as successful as possible, also consider finding partners! Follow the campaign on the Facebook page "Mineral Tour Belgium" and the Instagram account @tourneemineralebefr. You can also find more information on the Mineral Tour website.

At Drink A Flower, we want to be your biggest supporter because we think that together, this challenge will be more fun and easier. For that, we invite you to visit us on our Instagram and our blog, during the whole month of February for exclusive recipes, tips and a contest.

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