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Meet the team



We're not just a team, we're a bunch of young, creative & passionate individuals who've come together to create something extraordinary.


With Laurent leading the way as the mastermind behind our operations, Sacha jet-setting across the globe to spread the Drink a Flower magic, Maximilien ensuring our orders are delivered seamlessly, and Marie orchestrating the captivating presence of our brand, our quartet packs a punch ! 

Drink a flower team laurent serrier sacha nguyen maximilien huwart marie denis flowergang

What we stand for


At Drink a Flower, our mission is to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. We blend the magic of nature with creativity to craft sparkling infusions that awaken the senses and elevate taste.


With each sip, we share our passion for botanical goodness, nurturing a connection between people and the pure, vibrant flavors that bloom within our beverages.


Join us in embracing the power of flowers and discover a world where every sip is an invitation to savor life's natural wonders.

Crafted by


Mother Nature


At Drink a Flower, our craft embodies a distinctive approach, skillfully merging nature and innovation. Through 24 hours of patient cold-brewing, we meticulously extract the essence of selected flowers and botanicals.

This meticulous process yields our sparkling infusions, each can a testament to our dedication to genuine, organic ingredients and our one-of-a-kind savoir-faire.

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