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Peach & Lemon with Honeybush flower

🍑 Peach + Lemon + Honeybush Flower 🍑

Quench your thirst with Hydrate, a delightful fusion of juicy peach, tangy lemon, and the soothing essence of honeybush flower. The luscious peach imparts a sweet and fragrant taste, while the zesty lemon adds a refreshing tang. Complemented by the gentle notes of honeybush flower, this sparkling infusion delivers a hydrating and revitalizing experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and replenished.

Capacity : 12 pack (12x250mL) / 24 pack (24x250mL)

Peach & Lemon with Honeybush flower

PriceFrom €24.99
  • Water (94%), cane sugar*, Peach infusion* [fruit chunks* (apple*, peach* 3%, apricot*), rosehip peel*, natural flavors of (peach* 8%, blackberry*, apricot*), orange peel*, lemongrass*, hibiscus*], honeybush flower* (0.26%). (*) organic agriculture.

  • Calories : 13 kcal/100mL, total fats : < 0g, saturated fats : < 0g, total carbohydrate : 3,1g, sugars : 3,1g, proteins : < 0,1g, salt : 0,001g.

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