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Juicy Peach Honeybush Drink a Flower soda

Real means REAL

At Drink a Flower, we use only real fruits and flowersno extracts, concentrates, or artificial ingredients. This ensures a pure, genuine taste in every sip, letting the true essence of nature shine through.

Hibiscus Drink a Flower soda

But first QUALITY

We select our fruits and flowers for their unique flavors and benefits. Each ingredient is chosen for its taste and natural properties, ensuring every can is packed with quality ingredients that support your well-being.

Cold Infusion process Drink a Flower soda

Preserve the

Our cold infusion method preserves the natural benefits of our ingredients. This gentle process ensures you get all the goodness nature intended in every refreshing can of Drink a Flower.

Certified Organic Drink a Flower


Crafted locally Belgium Drink

Locally Crafted

Low sugar Drink a Flower soda

Only 3g sugar
per 100mL

No artificial Ingredient Drink a Flower soda

No artifical Ingredients

Low calorie Drink a Flower soda

Low in Calories

No concentrate no extracts Drink a Flower soda

No Extracts
No Concentrates








Flowers are not just beautiful to look at, they are packed with numerous benefits that enhance both body and mind. By infusing our drinks with real flowers, we tap into their natural properties which promote overall wellness and balance. Learn more about each flower below.

Elderflower Drink a Flower soda

Elderflower isn’t just for making syrups, it’s a floral marvel packed with wellness benefits :

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Helps in maintaining healthy skin

  • Supports a healthy digestive system

  • Naturally soothes inflammation

  •  Assists in detoxifying the body

Plus, it’s got a lovely, light floral taste that’s perfect for any refreshing drink. Sip on elderflower and let its gentle goodness brighten your day!


Give it a Try


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